Video works. People like videos. People respond to videos. People watch and follow YouTube videos. No wonder marketers are harnessing the power of video to entice people to their trade show booths.  Here are some examples of show related videos posted on YouTube.

Ingersoll Rand Pre Show Promo

Ingersoll-Rand didn’t put their name in the video title, instead they started with the booth number and the name of the show. The goal was to show up in the search results when attendees searched on the show name. The video looks extremely high end to match their brand. This may have been created just for this show, but most likely, it was re purposed from existing footage with the invitation to their booth placed at the end.

Martin Racing Performance Pre-Show Promo for SEMA

Martin Racing Performance takes advantage of the very low entry level cost of this video to quickly create a personable invitation.  The video was shot right after booth set up showing what their booth looks like and where it is and shows the cool bike that will be in the booth. The spokesperson also states what new and popular products they're launching at the show.

Flomo USA Pre-Show Promo for ASD Merchandise Show

To play off their company name the two characters, Flo & Mo speak to the camera with a friendly, playful manner that is genuine and welcoming. Their outfits are decorated with company merchandise and they pile on the reasons to visit their exhibit. The company and show names are in the video title and the video ends with them stating their booth location. The video had over 1500 views that really helped increase booth traffic. It's an excellent example that videos don’t always have to be slick and professionally done.  Have fun and be sure to include the pertinent information.

Exteria Building Products Pre-Show Promo for IBS

This video contains excellent ‘branding’ content and talks a lot about new products and the features and benefits of their products. The primary strength of the video is the use of testimonials delivered ‘live’ by both clients and prospects. There is nothing more powerful than hearing how impressed clients are with your products.

You might notice that traditional types of advertising do not work well on YouTube. Company intro or product demo videos don’t perform well unless they are done in a creative and engaging way. The Dollar Shave Club intro video is a favorite example of a company intro video done right,

When creating video content spend some time thinking about why and how your followers will share your content. This shareability factor is as important as your idea and the execution of it in video form.