Pinterest isn’t making money itself these days. Still, you want to make it work for your small business, right? You won’t get Pinterest to cut you a check each month, but you can increase your brand recognition. Here’s how.

  • Launch a Pinterest account for your business. The first step is to simply get on Pinterest and start pinning. Obviously, you’ll want to create a Pinterest presence that is respectable and worth following. Then, you want to start pinning your own company’s products or services on your pinboards. To avoid a self-promoting marketing rap, go ahead and pin other stuff, too.
  • pin itAdd a “Pin It” button to your Web site. To further spread the news of your company’s stuff, make it easy for users to share your items on Pinterest. This is as easy as adding a “Pin It” button on pages or images. Get smart with your use of Pinterest. Create and name your pinboards in a way that would appeal to your target audience.
  • Crowdsource Pinterest. Pinterest has viral potential. Invite your fans to pin pictures of themselves using your products, and tagging your company in the pin. Their friends will see the pics and check out your brand. As an added incentive, you can create a Fan Love pinboard or a VIP board to recognize and honor your fans. Some companies hold caption contests or other virally tilted techniques on Pinterest.
  • Integrate everything. Make sure that you tie together your brand presence across all your social media platforms. Without traffic and support from other social media outlets, a single social site can wither and die. Add the Pinterest logo to your homepage, right alongside your YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Pinterest appears to be a "work in progess". It's like a lot of things on the Internet — rules, algorithms, audiences and laws are constantly changing. The best approach is to try it, test it and stick with it.