Marketing data shows that blogging is a critical piece of inbound marketing methodology and directly correlates to better business results.

  • Nearly 40% of US companies use blogs for marketing purposes.
  • Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors.
  • B2B companies that blog get 67% more leads/month than those that don’t.

blogThe facts speak for themselves. But merely blogging will not dramatically transform your marketing. Your blog has to be well-optimized, well-promoted, and most of all, rich with content.

First, business blogging improves search engine optimization (SEO). The more blog posts you publish, the more indexed pages you create that search engines display in their results. In other words, business blogging helps you rank in search engines, and those pages get found when people search for industry-specific products or services. Thus, the blog enables you to attract organic traffic and familiarize people with your business.

Six Ways to Grow Your Blog